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Seven professional Sanken Chromatic mics that deliver your sound and capture the performance to perfection. Find the best microphone for your application.

CU-44X Close Guitar Player
Opera Singer


Designed for studio recording engineers, musicians, producers and sound designers who demand the highest level of transparent, accurate, and natural sounding recordings, the Sanken Chromatic Series of mics can handle anything from the roughest sounds of a metalcore band to the supernatural realm of symphonic recording.

Sanken Chromatic Series of studio mics for the purest natural organic sound


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“The great thing about the 100K’s is you feel like you’re getting all the benefits of close miking but you’re ten feet away so you’re getting a lot more openness in that instrument.”

Brett Allen recording with CO-100K microphones

“I want the piano to really pop out from the stereo speakers as a three-dimensional living thing.”

Pianist Scott Davis recording with CU-44X MK II microphones

“The French horn section especially benefits from the properties of the Sanken Chromatic mics.”

John Newton recording with CU-51 microphones

“The clarity and musicality of the 100k’s gave Joe Kraemer’s score great transparency, which allowed the music to emotionally enhance the film to its fullest.”

Bruce Botnick recorded the orchestral score of Tom Cruise’s “Jack Reacher” with five Sanken CO-100K microphones

“My main orchestral sound came from 6 Sanken CO-100Ks, an LCR tree above the conductor, and 3 rear. These mics have a phenomenal response and a texture in the top that captures that high air in a warm way.”

Grammy Award-winning Frank Filipetti recording LA Philharmonic

“We loved the sound of acoustic guitar with the CU-55, and because they are small and side-address, they work very favorably when getting them into tight spots.”

Rob Jaczko, Chair of the Music Production and Engineering Department at Boston’s Berklee College of Music.

“I’ve been messing around with the CU-55 for about a year and just fell in love with it. I’ve used it on a lot of different instruments, the mic is fairly crisp, but not unnaturally so.”

Grammy Award-winning producer/engineer Chuck Ainlay recording JD & The Straight Shot.

“The CU-55s are small and unobtrusive, but they have a wonderful low frequency response while still providing super quick transients. You get a lot of air without harshness, and a really nice deep low end.”

Grammy Award-winning Frank Filipetti recording LA Philharmonic

“The CUW-180s perform wonderfully anywhere and everywhere, I use them as a pair over the stage for ambience. Eight feet up or so, at the lip of the stage angled at 45 degrees. I also use them for ensemble sections, as a section mic it is fabulous.”

Grammy and Emmy Award-winner Rob Macomber, Chief Engineer of the Music Studios at Jazz at Lincoln Center

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